Abbie Chatfield: Sex Coach Reveals Biggest Misconception About ‘Open’ Relationships

Abbie Chatfield: Sex Coach Reveals Biggest Misconception About 'Open' Relationships

Abbie Chatfield and her boyfriend, Konrad Bien-Stephens. Photo/Instagram When Abbie Chatfield announced in February that she and her boyfriend, Konrad Bien-Stephens, were in an open relationship, the overwhelming response was skepticism. The radio host and influencer’s followers and critics promptly declared that Bien-Stephens had “rigged” her into the arrangement, simply using it as an excuse … Read more

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Congratulations! You are married now and the world is waiting for the identity and influence of your relationship. Welcome to the world of useful and useless solicited and unsolicited marriage advice. Even before the honeymoon, most newlyweds have probably heard a lot about what married life is like from others who are also married. And … Read more

The Trait That Means a Relationship Will Last, by a Couples Therapist | Judy Tiesel Jensen


After 30 years as a couples therapist, I developed a really good feeling about whether my clients would survive in the long term. Sometimes, whoever entered the appointment fighting and left fighting, was the one who did it. And sometimes those who smiled and were polite to each other couldn’t. What was the difference between … Read more

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Let’s face it: we tend to blame our partners when our relationships go wrong. Sometimes it’s hard to look at ourselves and say we’re to blame. But what if I told you that there is a psychological concept that helps you determine if you are “good” at being in a healthy relationship – and that … Read more