If humans disappeared, what species would rule the world?

If humans disappeared, what species would rule the world?

Marina Fernandez Meteorite Argentina 4 hours ago 7 minutes Evolution is a very difficult thing to predict. Credit: Luis De Luca. We know that life on earth as we know it is possible thanks to several physico-chemical factors positively combined: the exact distance from our sun, the size of the earth, its gravity, the presence … Read more

What if “Planet 9” was hiding in observations from 40 years ago?

Notre Système solaire se compose de huit planètes. C’est du moins ce que l’on sait avec certitude aujourd’hui. Mais des indices pointent une neuvième planète qui pourrait toujours se cacher au-delà de l’orbite de Neptune. © dottedyeti, Adobe Stock

Have we finally found Planet 9? It’s way too early to tell. However, a candidate appears to have been found in data collected by the Iras satellite in 1983. Only recent observations will make it possible to confirm the reality of this object or not. On January 25, 1983, theAstronomical infrared satellite (Iras) was set … Read more

Unknown rocks would have made the earth habitable billions of years ago

Un vue d'artiste de la Terre primitive. © Nasa, JPL-Caltech, Peter Rubin

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