Mobilized Assembly, calls on society to participate in the actions of the state week “Everything against pedophilia”

The state week “All Against Pedophilia”, between 13 and 18 May, has been part of the official calendar of events in Paraná since 2013 and was established by State Law No. 17.637/2013, approved by the Legislative Assembly of Paraná. During this period, educational, preventive and combating sexual violence against children and young people takes place every year. “An evil that unfortunately occurs a lot in our society and which is worse, sometimes also happens at home. That is why it is important to warn through the orientation campaign,” said Deputy Gilson de Souza (PL), Second Secretary of the House of Laws and one of the authors of the law, along with former Deputy Leonaldo Paranhos.

Since the state legislation came into effect, the Legislative Assembly and the state government have promoted joint activities such as lectures, forums, dissemination of publicity materials, training seminars as a way to discuss actions and fight pedophilia. Municipalities and social sectors also joined this mobilization. “This is a mobilization that aims to bring information to the whole of society. We want families to know how to protect their children, to be alert to the signs and also to know who to turn to in situations of suspected or confirmed cases of pedophilia,” the deputy explained.

In 2021, at the height of the Covid-19 pandemic, Casa promoted a webinar, a fully online event, where experts from legal, family, human rights and the Department of Justice came together to discuss the theme “Everything against pedophilia – Information and Coping”, with discussions of actions on how society and public power can combat the violence suffered by children and adolescents. Damares Alves himself, then Minister of Women, Family and Human Rights, took part in the discussion. She presented the case count reaching 100, the map’s reporting channel. “There are about 10,000 calls a day. In 2020, from the calls received, the ministry generated 95,000 cases with complaints about violence against children and adolescents. We know that this number was underreported in 2020 because we are in the midst of a pandemic and the one who most denounces violence against children and adolescents in Brazil is the school, it is the teacher. And yet we have generated this very high number of violation complaints,” he said at the time.

Specialists say tackling the problem includes promoting protection and guidance for children and adolescents. The goal is for them to feel safe and lose the fear of reporting a situation to parents, teachers, or other family members. “Family members and teachers themselves should also be guided to recognize any attitude other than the child or adolescent, a sudden change in behavior or poor school performance. Often they do not realize that the minor is the victim of some form of abuse,” emphasizes Gilson de Souza, who is also leader of the Parliamentary Front in Defense of Life and Family of the Assembly.

Technology risks and benefits

During the webinar, Cineiva Campoli Paulino Tono, Ministry of Justice Technical Advisor to the State Secretariat for Justice, Work and Family (SEJUF), drew attention to the benefits and risks of information and communication technology. She recalled that technology can become problematic when children and teens use it without the eyes of adults. “This creates space for online grooming of children and young people. Pedophiles approach our children from chat rooms, video games, impersonating another child, to approach a minor, gain their trust and build an emotional bond to be able to exploit them sexually.” that children and adolescents have to use the internet is a “wide open door”, it is a free access that pedophiles have to seduce girls and boys. These criminals have found fertile ground to investigate and perpetrate this violence, which often starts in the virtual world and unfortunately ends in the real world and physical violence, we also need to work on prevention,” emphasizes Gilson de Souza.

National Association and Municipal Law

In October 2013, the Brazilian Association All Against Pedophilia was founded, the first organization organized and recognized by public authorities and networks for the protection of children and adolescents. In the same year, the first municipal law on this subject was made. It was in the municipality of Cascavel, in western Paraná. “Cascavel became the first municipality in Brazil to officially institute the “Municipality Week All Against Pedophilia”. The movement, envisaged by Municipal Act 6.195/2013, was titled “Em Cascavel, Todos Contra a Pedophilia” and became a reference on the subject. The idea is that all municipalities in Paraná have their own laws and campaigns,” emphasizes Deputy Gílson.

orange backlit mounting

This year’s actions include the orange lighting of the parliament building and other public bodies, also in recognition of the National Day to Combat the Sexual Abuse and Exploitation of Children and Adolescents (May 18). Date of death of the girl Aracelli, eight years old, kidnapped, raped and brutally murdered in the state of Espírito Santo, more than 40 years ago. The orange color is inspired by the hue of the gerbera, a flower known in Brazil that symbolizes the fragility and fragility of childhood.

The State Department of Justice, Family and Work of the Government of Paraná, through the Department of Policies for Children and Adolescents (DPCA), will relaunch in 2022 the “Não Engula o Choro” campaign, which aims to re-sensitize society about the combating violence and violations of the rights of children and young people, and properly warning parents and guardians so that they are alert to signs that children, cousins ​​and grandchildren may display, such as behavioral changes. The campaign has publicity materials, such as posters, flyers, booklets and videos, which will be published on the Internet and in other media. On May 18, during the hours of the plenary session, technicians from the secretariat will talk about the campaign and the graphic material disseminated in the actions to combat pedophilia.


In Paraná, another law helps in the fight against pedophilia. Law 18798/2016, proposed in the Legislative Assembly of Paraná by Deputy Ricardo Arruda (PL), stipulates, during the month of May, the exhibition, prior to the sessions in cinemas in the state, of an advertisement warning against pedophilia, and the sexual exploitation of children and adolescents.

Commercials should mention the Dial 181 service, which is also available to receive reports of violations of the rights of children and adolescents.

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