Match: Montpellier/PSG (0-4), brand new Paris after the wake of Mbappé and Messi

PSG traveled this Saturday afternoon (9:00 p.m.) to Montpellier as part of matchday 37 of L1 and the Parisians won 4-0 thanks to two goals from Messi, one from Mbappé and another from Di María. Paris had a very good game, including an excellent first half in the wake of the Messi/Mbappé duo. PSG honored its status as champion of France.

the essays:

The composition of PSG against Montpellier: Donnarumma – Kehrer (Hakimi, 85), Marquinhos, Ramos, Bernat (Mendes, 85) – Wijnaldum (Simons, 69), Herrera (Michut, 68), Verratti – Di Maria (Gassama, 89), Messi, Mbappé
The PSG bench: Navas, Hakimi, Mendes, Danilo, Dina Ebimbe, Simons, Gharbi, Michut and Gassama

The composition of Montpellier against PSG: Bertaud – Souquet (Sambian 76), Thuler (Gioacchini, 53), Estève, Cozza, Ristic – Ferri, Chotard – Delaye (Oyongo, 73), Mollet (Leroy, 77) – Mavididi (Germain, 53)
The Montpellier bench: Carvalho, Mendes, Sambia, Oyongo, Leroy, Germain and Gioacchini

The game sheet:

The objectives : Messi (0-1, 6th, assist from Mbappé), Messi (0-2, 20th, assist from Mbappé), Di Maria (0-3, 26th), Mbappé (60th, penalty, provoked by Mbappé)

The caveats: Herrera (34th, tactical foul on Mavididi), Souquet (41st, late tackle on Mbappé), Simons (70th, late tackle on Ristic), Mbappé (86th, humorous gesture), Ferri (89th, late tackle over Marquinhos), Marquinhos (93rd, late tackle over Ristic)

The match :

Messi starts and Paris attacks the game well, forcing the MHSC to defend (2nd). Served by a cross from Messi, Mbappé is in a position to shoot from distance and asks Bertaud to capture calmly (3rd). A good offensive by the locals is countered by Kehrer in a doubtful way but the counterpart and Mbappé serves Messi who hits. In the corner, the game is played quickly and Mbappé finds Messi in the middle of the area who scores with an accurate shot (0-1, 6th)!

PSG launches well and Verratti is close to finding Mbappé in the box from a difficult pass (9th). Messi sends another sublime pass to Mbappé, the Frenchman accelerates and goes to challenge Bertaud but the goalkeeper wins his duel (10th)! In a ball saved by Bernat that manages to cross, Wijnaldum manages to get his head in but goes up (14th). In a poor recovery by Donnarumma, Montpellier recovers and Mavididi hits, but close (16th). It is the same attacker who forces Marquinhos into a good sliding tackle (18). A cross from Souquet is well caught by Donnarumma, then Mbappé fires up the opposing defense before being caught for offside (19).

Donnarumma completely misses his head on a long ball but manages to recover in front of Mavididi (20)! On the counter, It is Mbappé who delivers a perfect ball to Messi: he goes deep, dribbles past the goalkeeper and scores calmly (0-2, 20th)! Mbappé hardly has time to celebrate this 2nd goal when Messi sends him towards the goal and Thuler makes a slightly hesitant gesture in the area since the Frenchman was going to challenge the goalkeeper (23rd). In a center of Mbappé deflected, the ball reaches the far post for Di Maria, who launches a beautiful volley slightly deflected that fools Bertaud (0-3, 26).

The MHSC tries to react, but Donnarumma (33rd) easily captures the calf without occupation. It is above all an extraordinary pass from Messi that finds Mbappé, gets into an attacking position facing the surface and shoots, finding the transversal (34)! Messi is having a good afternoon and displaces Ramos who comes forward and hits, forcing Bertaud (36th) to lie down. Mbappé is untenable down his left flank and suffers a dirty tackle from Souquet, despite everything recovering from a good direct free kick (42nd). Di María finds Ramos whose header is countered and then the recovery up (44th). On a back pass from Delhaye, Messi anticipates well but Bertaud leaves devalt n’Argentin appropriately (45th).

The match starts with a muscle problem for Mavididi (48th). The second half is played at a slow pace with the MHSC making their first changes (53rd). Mbappé did try to infiltrate the area, his shoulder slowed him down slightly and he collapsed but didn’t score the penalty he was looking for (54′). Mbappé and Messi combine in a small space and the Argentine shoots but is captured (56th). In the process, it is Mbappé who finds himself in the heart of the surface, he loses control but is broken, penalty (57)! Mbappé rushes in and transforms with a counterfoot (0-4, 60º).

Paris is having a good afternoon and having fun on the field, slightly humiliating Montpellier who kicks (62nd). Kehrer loses a ball but Gioacchini completely misses his shot (62nd). Mollet, on the other hand, is very dangerous in a cross that ends up on the post at a tight angle (63º). PSG responded with a great goal but Mbappé was offside at the start of the action after a pass from Messi (64th). The MHSC does not give up and Kehrer achieves a superb save (65th). Messi also misses the hat-trick in a good pass behind Mbappé (66th).

Mbappé accelerates again on the left side and is caught in the small area (72nd). The end of the match is anecdotal but Di María achieves a good ladle for Messi who connects directed control and volleys, then (83rd). Messi sends Hakimi well towards the goal but Oyongo manages a good return in the area (87th). The flash of the end of the game is signed by Samba with a long shot that passes right next to the skylight (90º). A last opponent free kick crushes the young Gassama (93rd) and it’s over, PSG shone at La Mosson.

Ranking impact:

Before the game, the classification is as follows:

  1. PSG: 80 points (+45)
  2. MO: 68 points (+23)
  3. Monaco: 65 points (+23)
  4. Nice: 63 points (+17)
  5. Rennes: 62 points (+40)
  6. Strasbourg: 60 points (+20) (+1 game)

The pre-game:

20:59: The 2012 French champions will provide the fictitious dispatch position.

20:55: Teams prepare to enter the field

20:50: Warm up completed

20:05: The compounds fell

19:50: PSG is here

7:30 pm.: PSG fourth jersey this Saturday night

19:00: Welcome to La Mosson!

18:45: As a reminder, action day against homophobia with special flocking

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