Energy is the engine of society – World Energy Day

In a dynamic and evolving sector that aims to combine growing energy needs and security of supply with the increase in production, based on renewable energy sources, and contribute to the decarbonisation of the economy, TrustEnergy aims to produce electricity from a safe and efficient way, promoting resource efficiency and combating climate change.

With a total installed capacity of approximately 3000 MW, TrustEnergy is the second largest player in the national electricity sector and fourth in the wind segment. It is a shareholder of four leading companies in the electricity generation sector in Portugal: TrustWind, Turbogás, Elecgás and Tejo Energia.

Protecting the environment is a major concern for the company, which defends its responsibility to use and transform the natural resources needed for its operations in a sustainable way, and to return their by-products in a way that ecosystems and the community that enable us to meet the challenges of the future in a sustainable way.

José Grácio, CEO of TrustEnergy, assumes that the country faces several energy challenges, mainly related to the growing demand for energy and the necessary decarbonisation of the different sectors, not just the electricity producer. That is why there is important work to be done in the areas of transport and heating and cooling. For this official, increasing the use of renewable energy sources, coupled with the electrification of consumption and the use of new energy carriers, such as hydrogen, will be key to achieving the carbon neutrality targets by 2050.” We believe that the combination of political will with the commitment of companies and society to contribute to the protection of the environment will make it possible to achieve this objective,” said TrustEnergy’s CEO.

plan well

In terms of PNEC 2030, the official has no doubts that this is a very important tool in terms of a future vision for the energy sector in Portugal, as it gives very relevant signals to investors about the investments destined for Portugal. in this sector. “We welcome the ambition our country has adopted regarding the transformation of the sector,” acknowledges the CEO. However, for the evolution to take its course, José Grácio says that it is necessary to bet on a solid and expected planning, accompanied by a solid and stable regulatory framework that will be essential to take advantage of the potential associated with a range of very interesting natural resources available to Portugal. “Only with this combination will it be possible to secure the necessary investments so that the goals are attainable,” emphasizes this official.

It is extremely important to invest in the diversification of the use of renewable energy sources, in their application and distribution across the country, and to ensure that the best solutions emerge. “We also advocate continued engagement and dialogue with society as a whole; it is vital to involve local authorities, such as municipalities, in creating solutions that ensure the sharing of the benefits of the transition in society, in in fact a fair transition, which leaves no one behind,” reiterates José Grácio.

To limit greenhouse gas emissions and ensure security of supply, TrustEnergy manages a diversified set of assets and invests in highly efficient equipment, both for electricity generation and for treating gaseous effluents, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and their effects. “All assets managed by TrustEnergy have certified the management of their activities related to the environment according to the highest internationally recognized standards: ISO 14001:2015,” says José Grácio.

Contribute to decarbonisation

At present, TrustEnergy’s installed energy production capacity is divided into 489 MW wind energy production, 1861+628 MW thermal production. Coal will be phased out by the end of this year, making Portugal one of the few countries that does not use coal or nuclear energy for its electricity supply.

In addition to strengthening its wind farm activity, TrustEnergy studies and develops other projects, with a view to optimizing existing assets, in particular projects on equipment and hybridization projects. “For the future of the coal-fired production plant in the parish of Pego, municipality of Abrantes, the phased conversion into a Renewable Production Center is envisaged, with the aim of contributing to the decarbonisation of the production of electricity and renewable gases”, explains the person responsible.

Also at the Tapada do Outeiro plant, a project is being developed for the production of green hydrogen, coupled with the production of electricity from renewable sources, which will allow the decarbonisation of the power plant’s production process and also the development of a regional hydrogen market that will reduce the carbon footprint. making local industries and mobility possible. According to the CEO, these projects allow us to achieve a priority for TrustEnergy, which is “the economic dynamism of the communities we are in, ensure a fair transition, where no one is left behind”.

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