City Hall selects civil society organizations for FIQ-BH editions

The Municipality of Belo Horizonte, through the Municipal Department of Culture and the Municipal Foundation for Culture, is launching the public announcement for the selection of civil society organizations (CSOs) to act as partners during the next two editions of the International Comics Festival of Belo Horizonte (FIQ BRA). The 11th edition of the festival is scheduled for June 2022 and interested civil society organizations can submit their technical proposals between 21 and 23 February. One difference from this public call is that the same public announcement will also select the CSO to act as a partner in the 12th edition of the FIQ BH, which will take place in 2024.

The full message, which was published in the Government Gazette this Friday, January 14, and the attachments are available for consultation at PBH Partnerships Portal

Municipal Secretary of Culture and Interim President of the Municipal Cultural Foundation, Fabíola Moulin, emphasizes that the publication of a single public notice for the implementation of two editions of the FIQ BH is intended to optimize procedures and give more time for planning and perform all the procedures necessary for the implementation of the Festival.

“This public notification format, unprecedented for the Municipal Cultural Foundation, is another step forward in the partnerships established through the CSO regulatory framework. With this new model, we have shortened administrative deadlines and consequently extended our pre-production period, resulting in a better event for the population,” he explains.

The secretary also emphasizes the importance of this cooperation between government and civil society. “The 11th and 12th editions of FIQ BH will reaffirm the fame of the comics production by artists and professionals from Belo Horizonte and Minas Gerais, without losing its national and international thread. In this way, the festival promotes the creative economy, in addition to providing work and income opportunities for the local artistic production chain,” he emphasizes.

A total of R$1,383,075.00 will be allocated to this public call. The money will be divided between the 11th edition execution (FIQ BH 2022), 12th edition pre-production (FIQ BH 2024) and the 12th edition execution (FIQ BH 2024), coming from the municipal treasury.

Submission of proposals for the FIQ BH 2022

For the FIQ BH 2022, the technical proposal and the documents demonstrating the conditions of participation must be delivered from 21 to 23 February 2022, from Monday to Wednesday, from 10 am to 12 pm and from 2 pm to 5 pm, at the headquarters of the FMC (Rua da Bahia, 888, Downtown – 14th Floor, Room 1402, DPOF – Festivals Policy Board).

The activities of this edition should preferably be in a face-to-face programming format, and it is possible to include virtual or hybrid activities even if the pandemic situation caused by covid-19 is under control, while respecting the safety protocols which were in force at the time of the feasts. †

Interested civil society organizations must have their headquarters or facilities in the capital city of Minas Gerais, meet the legal, tax and employment qualification requirements, and demonstrate the technical qualification required by the public announcement. To run the FIQ BH 2022, only one CSO is selected, or a network of CSOs, provided that this network has been formalized at the time of registration.

The choice of the CSO is made by a selection committee, made up of officials from the Municipal Cultural Service and the Municipal Cultural Foundation. Among the criteria analyzed are technical feasibility and suitability for the objectives of FMC’s festival policy, in addition to budgetary feasibility and consistency of financial planning.

Guidelines for FIQ BH 2024 Registration to be released later

The public call also determines the process used for the selection of the partner CSO for the 12th edition of the Belo Horizonte International Comics Festival – FIQ BH, which is due to take place in May 2024. The submission of proposals for the 12th edition is scheduled for April 2023, with deadlines to be announced in the future.

Proposals for the festival

The programming of both editions should be multiple and transversal, presenting works of exceptional technical and artistic quality. It should also reflect, in a proportionate and balanced way, on activities that propose a critical and reflective debate on themes dear to comics and culture today, and activities that connect comics with other artistic languages. Actions that are part of the municipal public policy for comics, books, reading and literature must be guaranteed through free and democratic programming, aimed at the widest possible audience: children, adolescents, young people, adults, families without distinction. , gender or education.

The CSO’s proposals should consider hiring at least two curators, from different backgrounds, who will work on the conceptualization, selection and layout of the festival’s programming, at local, national and international levels. It is desirable that most members of the curatorship live in the city of Belo Horizonte, in order to contribute to the artistic chain of the city and to the training of curators at the local level. The curatorship will be composed of people from civil society, selected on the recommendation of the Municipal Cultural Foundation and the partner CSO, by mutual agreement.

The Festival’s programming and strategic actions will be determined on a collegial level by the Organizing Committee, together with the Curatorship. The Organizing Committee will be composed of members of the partner CSO selected by this public announcement and representatives of FMC and SMC, along with the Partner Manager, who will be responsible for the overall coordination of the FIQ BH and the instrumentalization of the implementation phases of the festival.

About the FIQ BRA

Founded in 1999, the Belo Horizonte International Comics Festival – FIQ BH has been a fundamental action in the process of appreciation and growth of comics in Brazil.

Considered the largest event of its kind in Latin America, the festival is a mandatory reference for comic artists and the public as it presents a panel of contemporary comics production in the world and promotes exchanges between national and international artists and publishers.

FIQ BH also proposes activities aimed at the technical-professional development of the sector, becoming a meeting place for professionals and allowing the exchange of artistic and pedagogical experiences related to the language of the Ninth Art, between artists and academics. In this way it stimulates training and stimulates the training of young cartoonists.

Regulated by Law No. 11,059 of July 17, 2017, and every two years, the festival contributes to the democratization of access to cultural goods through a free and accessible program, consisting of various activities, such as round tables, lectures, workshops, comic book fair, book launches, movie shows, exhibitions and business roundtables.

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