City Hall chooses community organization to FIT BH 22 . hold

The Municipality of Belo Horizonte, through the Municipal Department of Culture and the Municipal Foundation for Culture, has published this Wednesday the 26th, a public announcement for the selection of the Civil Society Organization (OSC) to act as a partner in the realization of the 15th International Festival of Teatro Palco & Rua de Belo Horizonte – FIT BH, one of the country’s most important and recognized theater festivals, is scheduled for October 2022. Proposals must be submitted from March 3 to 7, 2022, Monday to Friday, 9:00 am to 12:00 pm and 2:00 pm to 6:00 pm, at the headquarters of the Municipal Cultural Foundation (Rua da Bahia, 888, Centro – 14th floor – Festivals Policy Board). On site, the team will be prepared to receive the materials, ensuring minimal contact and following all existing protocols to avoid contamination from covid-19.

New to the publication is that in the same public announcement, a new Civil Society Organization (CSO) will also be selected to act in the realization of the 16th FIT BH, in 2024. However, the registration period for this process will be announced in the future. Thus, the public call will allocate a total of R$4,061 million to FIT BH, of which R$2 million will be allocated to the implementation of the 15th edition of FIT BH; R$61.9 thousand earmarked for the pre-production of the 16th edition, which also has an additional R$2 million planned for its production and execution. The funds will be added to the various investments of the City Hall with a focus on the continuity of the municipal public policy for culture, and ensure the promotion of the sector that has been badly affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.

The full public announcement, as well as its attachments, are available for consultation at the PBH Partnerships Portal – (in the tab Public Call, Waivers and Unenforceability).

Interested institutions must have permanent headquarters in the capital of Minas Gerais, meet the legal, tax and employment qualification requirements and demonstrate the technical qualification required by the public announcement. Only one proposal will be selected, which can be developed by a single CSO or by a network of CSOs. Functions to be performed by the selected CSO include full festival planning, pre-production, production and execution, and articulation of partnerships. The OSC will also participate in the selection of the curatorial team for FIT BH 2022.

Fabíola Moulin, Municipal Secretary of Culture and Interim Chair of the Municipal Cultural Foundation, emphasizes that the selection of the CSO through public notice is part of a broad process of concerted action between the public authorities and civil society. “This dialogue is one of our principles in the implementation of government policy. In addition, the public announcement ensures transparency in the processes and increases the access and participation of organizations in the selection process,” said the secretary.

The selection of the CSO takes place by a selection committee, formed by employees of the Municipal Cultural Service and the Municipal Cultural Foundation. Criteria analyzed include technical feasibility, suitability of the proposal for FMC’s festival policy objectives, budget feasibility and consistency of financial planning.

FIT BH 2022 will preferably take place in a face-to-face programming format, and it will be possible to include virtual or hybrid attractions even if the pandemic situation caused by covid-19 is under control. The main objective of the festival is to highlight the theatrical production of artists and groups from Belo Horizonte and the Metropolitan Region, without losing its national and international character, thereby promoting the creative economy and creating employment and income opportunities for the artistic production chain.

Basic Notice for FIT Bra 2024

A novelty of the public announcement published this Wednesday is that it will be used as a reference for the selection of the Civil Society Organization – CSO that will work on the production and execution of the 16th edition of FIT BH, scheduled for 2024 Delivery However, proposals for this edition will not take place until 2023, at a later date to be announced.

The publication of a single public notice for the selection of civil society organizations to act in the implementation of two editions of the FIT BH is intended to optimize the procedures and give more time to carry out all the necessary procedures that would allow the publication of a contain public notice . “The internal procedures for producing and publishing a public announcement usually take 4 to 6 months. With this assignment of the public announcement, also for the 2024 festival, we have been able to save time and make a positive contribution to civil society organizations interested in implementing the FIT BH, making the processes safer and less risky from a operational and administrative point of view, with more adequate deadlines for planning all stages of the public announcement, as well as for the implementation of the festival,” said Ana Luisa Freire, Director of Festivals Policy at Fundação Municipal de Cultura.


First held in 1994, the Belo Horizonte International Theater Festival Palco & Rua – FIT BH, since its inception, has received an excellent reception among the people of Belo Horizonte, responding to the city’s strong vocation for group theater and artistic experimentation . Its relevance was reiterated on January 31, 2008 through Law 9.517, which established the FIT BH as an official event to be held every two years by City Hall.

Since its first edition, the festival has brought groups and artists from 45 different countries to Belo Horizonte, with productions from all continents, and has had a major impact on the cultural dynamism of the city. With a broad and diverse programme, FIT BH occupies theaters, streets, squares, parks and alternative spaces in the city. Today, consolidated as one of the most important international theater festivals in the country, with major international implications, it continues to combine artistic quality and a multiplicity of languages, operating on different lines of action and valuing dissemination, training, reflection and exchange.

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