Alpes Tourisme Lab: #season 2: innovation for Alpine tourism

The Alpes Tourisme Lab, the first incubation and acceleration system to support innovation for Alpine tourism, launches its second call for French project leaders and start-ups.

From January 17 to February 25, 2022, the Alpes Tourisme Lab will launch its second call for projects.

In 2021, 7 start-ups were supported, over a Territory discovery program, rich coaching sessions, numerous business meetings and promises of cooperation with key tourism players in the region,

This system, unique in France, is supported by 4 actors of the territory’s entrepreneurial ecosystem:

It aims to launch new products and services in response to the current challenges of Alpine tourism : habitat, energy, circular economy, mobility, new models of practices and activities.

It also offers an innovation tool for tourism stakeholders in the region and allowedsupport the design of innovative offersrelevant and complementary to the diversity of the territory.

The 4-month program, built around 3 immersive bootcamps, allows start-ups and project leaders to discover the specificities of Alpine tourism and thus characterize their offer, connect to a network of actors and experts and participate in an international Participate in the mountain fair and benefit from individual support for your project.

Does your project meet the challenges of alpine tourism? Use!

Call for projects : January 17 to February 25, 2022
selection committee : March 11, 2022
support program : from March 28 to June 17, 2022


The 7 winners of the 1st Alpes Tourisme Lab promotion

GoodCabane offers a cabin with two functions: power generation and multipurpose room. Manufactured off-site with a societal approach, these huts allow for the generation of solar energy by optimizing the orientation of the panels and access to the solar array.

The Green Bubble offers modular eco-stations made to measure for low-carbon tourist experiences: bicycles, electric bikes, mountain bikes, electric scooters, scooters … and accelerated charging stations.

Skiing for the family offers a ski school that guarantees first class care before, during and after the lessons for the same price. A reservation system designed to adapt to all sectors and summer activities.

SkiTEC uses ski scraps massively to give them a second life (urban furniture, bike shelters, layout and decoration, photovoltaic shading structures, sheds, greenhouses, etc.). This with a reduced environmental impact, a unique look and Savoie Mont Blanc manufacture.

plot wants to offer an eco-friendly and sustainable tourist offer to (re)discover nature and the French terroir through an eco-responsible, minimalist hut called Tiny House, which will live in the heart of nature. Turnkey accommodation in collaboration with local actors.

prairie is a mobile application that facilitates local tourism thanks to the personalized recommendation of things to see and do in your area.

Izypay offers a cashless (dematerialized) payment solution to facilitate transactions at the resort (packages, activities, catering, etc.) and study the customer journey.

The system is designed to provide long-term support and focuses on the project manager, his entrepreneurial attitude, the structuring of the start-up, his access to the market and the growth of his activity.

The 4 heads of the Alps Tourisme Lab

FRENCH TECHNOLOGY IN THE ALPS-CHAMBÉRY : Collective of alpine professionals committed to the development and influence of the digital economy, new technologies and innovations in the alpine furrow.

Created in 2015, the French Tech in the Alps-Chambéry Association is one of the 5 structures of the French Tech in the Alps Capital; It aims to deploy and develop French tech dynamics in Savoie.

La French Tech in the Alps-Chambéry helps to create and grow young companies and innovative SMEs, relying on French Tech funding and programs, all partners and people investing in a local network and the national and international French Tech supports network. As an information, communication and connection hub, it produces value-added collective actions for local innovative companies on the scale of the Alpenfurche.

THE SAVOIE TECHNOLAC INCUBATOR : contribute to the creation, development and success of start-up projects in the region

The Savoie Technolac incubator is a public incubator supported by the Chambéry-Grand Lac economy.

The agglomeration of Grand Chambéry has delegated economic development on its territory to Chambéry Grand Lac Economie.

The creation of the Chambéry-Grand Lac economy on July 1, 2017 is a strong political will and ambition at the service of companies and start-ups in the region.

  • • support the author as a person at the service of his project and for the benefit of his company
  • • Developing the entrepreneurial skills of project managers
  • • Acceleration of the founding structuring process

Since the incubator was founded in 2009, more than 300 companies have been supported; 93% of the companies that have gone through the incubation program successfully pass the 3-year mark and 68% the 5-year mark.

THE VILLAGE AT CA DES SAVOIE : Start-up accelerator and support tool for local businesses in their transformation

Created in 2017 by Crédit Agricole des Savoie and Chambéry-Grand Lac Economy, it accommodates 25 to 30 start-ups in the heart of the Savoie Technolac Entrepreneurship Pole with a structured support offer over 24 months:

  • Regular individual care
  • Diagnosis upon entry and start of the bootcamp over 3 days
  • Masterclass program to support companies in their structuring and promoting their development up to internationalization
  • Regular animations to facilitate exchanges between colleagues and the spirit of collaboration
  • Access to the 37 Villages by CA network, representing 1,100 startups and more than 650 partners

THE MOUNTAIN CLUSTER : Accelerator for innovation and sustainable development in the mountains

Through its activities of networking, training, support for innovation and commercial development, the Mountain Cluster supports the development of its members and contributes to the sustainable performance and attractiveness of tourist destinations in France and around the world.

Created in 2012 by the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region, the Mountain Cluster has 235 members and 60 annual actions in France and abroad, organized around 7 areas of expertise:

  • Operational support and moderation of the customer journey
  • development of ski resorts
  • Diversification of summer and winter tourism
  • environmental management
  • Natural risk management
  • Governance and Public Policy
  • Urban planning, architecture and project management

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