″To have a healthy Iraqi society, you need healthy Iraqi women″

What is the situation of women in Iraq today?
I think the situation across the country has been very difficult in recent years. But women may have suffered more. After the Yazidi genocide by the Islamic State, for example, 80% of the victims were men and the women were left alone. That’s why the women of this small community in our country suffered a lot in the past, but I think they have equal rights today, we’ve changed a lot of laws and adapted the legislation to UN Security Council Resolution 1325. The difficulty is rebuilding a country that has endured so much trauma during the war and the waves of terrorism. There were women who survived the camps during the dictatorship and who survived again during the war. But since 2018, we have been trying to rebuild the country, empower women and give them more opportunities to access work in both the private and public sectors. In rural areas, we have tried to help them set up their own businesses and structures so that they can be active in society. With the help of several NGOs, and of course the United Nations, we have tried to organize workshops, courses and improve schools. Currently, 30% of the public sector workers are women and in the private sector we have only 5%, so we have tried to support more women to enter this sector. In some areas, such as education and health, the majority of workers are women. Giving women autonomy and economic autonomy, in addition to education and access to health care, will open up a new perspective for the country. To have a healthy Iraqi society, you need healthy women, mentally and physically, who are autonomous.

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